The United States  uses more than twice  as much  energy  per capita as European and  Central Asian countries and seven times as much per capita as the rest of the world.


Our accelerated pace of technological advancements has helped to create this gap… but another significant contributing factor is how inefficiently we use energy. There seems to be a mental hurdle that people have to clear when it comes to becoming more energy efficient: it is purely an economic advantage for you. With little to no sacrifice in quality, performance or human energy expended, the average energy consumer can drastically reduce the monthly energy bill by making just a handful of minor changes.


Energy efficiency is easy. It also happens to be incredibly simple to make the kinds of adjustments that would help you see those savings. Many physical changes – for example, switching out inefficient light bulbs – are easy to execute and the savings are immediate. Others, like replacing inefficient boilers, cost more up front but the savings (environmentally and economically) are long-lasting.


This site is broken into two sections, residential and commercial, with step by step instructions on how to achieve energy efficiency in each of those arenas.





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