Energy efficiency helps the bottom line

Energy efficiency makes good financial sense. About 30 percent of energy used in commercial buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. Reducing this energy waste is surprisingly simple.

Some of the biggest savings can come from small behavioral adjustments. Moderate investments pay big dividends and have a surprisingly quick payback on investment. Large-scale investments can position a company to reap huge savings for years and years.

Behavioral changes do require a commitment to change across the organization. One proven strategy is to set energy savings goals and measure success rates — and to incentivize compliance by offering the accumulated savings back to the winning department in the form of a tech upgrade or even a salary bonus.


Energy efficiency helps the environment

Profit margins and public image aside, making energy-efficient choices in your business helps to reduce the burden that we place on the environment. When 30 percent of the energy used in your facility is being wasted, those pollutants — and that negative environmental impact — are for naught. It is our responsibility to reduce that inefficiency percentage to as low as it can get.


Energy efficiency makes good business sense

Customers prefer socially responsible companies that are committed to sustainability. Investors are increasingly moving toward more socially responsible companies. By taking steps to become more energy efficient, your company shows a commitment to the community it serves.


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