Residential Energy EfficiencyStep 1 Assess

You know that improving your home’s energy efficiency can save you energy and money. But how do you know where to begin? An energy audit is your starting point to find this answer. You can perform the energy audit yourself, or else you can hire a professional to come in and perform it for you. Either way, you’ll leave the experience armed with the knowledge you need to make energy-saving changes in your home.


1. Self-audit

Gather some basic information about your home (its size, utility bills, energy sources, etc.), and get advice on how you can save money. You can even get rewarded by the Citizens Utility Board of Illinois with coupons for hitting your energy savings goals: you save money on your energy bills, and you are given gift cards for hitting your goals!



2. Professional audit

You may opt to hire a professional to perform your home’s energy audit. The auditor will conduct a detailed survey of your home, and then help you analyze your behaviors & your set-up to recommend changes.



3. Baby Steps

If you are new to the energy-saving scene and just want to dip your toe in the water with something simple, there are a few basic tweaks that you can make right now in your home that will save you energy… and save you money. Jump ahead to our Adjust section to read more about small changes you can make that will have a big impact on your energy bill.

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