Step 4 Commit

Make energy efficiency a household name

The amount of energy – and money! – that you can save by in your home by making a few changes is staggering. Decide which steps you wish to take right now, and then commit your household to leading a more energy-efficient lifestyle. And come back to this website each season to get fresh ideas about new ways you can save money.


Teach your kids (or your parents!) about energy efficiency

If you do just a little reading about it, energy efficiency becomes something that you can’t stop thinking about. Take advantage of this natural excitement – and infect your family with it as well! Set up challenges for each other: how much can we reduce our utility bills this month? Remember, you’re not giving up anything by making these changes, you’re only being more efficient by not throwing money out the window (sometimes quite literally).

Make Adjustments Seasonally

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance offers energy-saving tips seasonally, as well as all-season tips. You can also attend the Ecology Action Center’s community presentations, energy education opportunities, and retrofit demonstrations.


Join the IEC

The Illinois Environmental Council Education Fund engages in education and outreach and provides a forum for environmentalists. The Illinois Environmental Council serves as the environmental community’s eyes, ears and voice in Springfield. The two organizations – collectively known as IEC – work together to ensure a more healthful environment for Illinois residents.




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